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Following on to what was an EPIC Black Friday - The Vapery are running a blanketed 20% OFF ALL E-LIQUIDS, and 10% OFF ALL HARDWARE / ACCESSORIES / ETC.!These Cyber Monday deals only come around for one day a year, so we recommend jumping in and grabbing some goodies to take full advantage now, stocks...

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About Us

Welcome to The Vapery !

Founded in 2016 by an uber-eager to impress young and dynamic team, The Vapery has throughout its time in the game been a leader, and pioneer to many.

We have gone through many adventures along the way (the latest, biggest without a doubt having been/being the Coronavirus Pandemic!), BUT, we are still standing, standing proud and tall - and, always ready and excited to get in the latest vaping goodies from around the globe, e-liquid creations from our local South African creators as well as hardware from the edges of the world. 

In a nutshell, have you never visited one of our stores - you can expect to receive what we feel should be your sure-fire finest 'shopping service' yet!

Synonymous with quality, we welcome you to come and see our best-in-class vape shops for yourself!

We currently have 2 retails stores, based in the Pretoria (Montana) and Centurion (Doringkloof) areas, and of course, also offer shipping (Door to Door Courier Delivery) of all our products online - to anywhere within South Africa!

We hope you are as excited as we are, and our team would love nothing more than to be given the opportunity to provide you with an experience like no other - not just in general retail, but the vaping sphere within it!

Whether you are a 'newbie' and curious about vaping, ready for a miniature journey to 'find your first' vape (P.S... we always try to find the most suitable/matched setup to your preferences or needs!), or, are already a seasoned VapeVet and simply wish to experience true top-class service/support in any other way in which we can provide it - we strive to continuously enjoy the pleasure of providing our valued customers with the best quality vaping hardware, e-juices/liquids and accessories.

All neatly wrapped up in the best possible friendly service from our team, done from our iconic and legendary stores. We welcome you to come and Experience Taste ~ Join the Cloud!

Our eagerness to deliver the best does not stem from the simplicity of money, but from our passion!

We are The Vapery - and you are going to love us!

We have a simple vision and strong belief in few key factors when it comes to our shop and services. We strive to uphold and deliver nothing short of excellence, whilst also understanding that there is no such think as "perfect" - we would like to get as 'micro-millimetre' close to it as we can... ;)

The success of our business is driven by a defined measurement of our customers satisfaction and sense of value, committing to always do the best that we can in order to:

  • Keep the best quality hardware, and most delicious of juice, in stock, as much as is humanly possible to do so!
  • Offer a unique range of products, that we have found, and believe are of the highest (and in many cases) extraordinary quality/value.
  • Be available to assist our customers throughout their experience, from choosing what to buy, to how to use it properly and service/maintain it.
  • Be highly competitive in our pricing, offering great value for money.
  • Be a part of an elite first few in South Africa to have a stocked and styled vape lounge - a place to meet, shop, taste, and share... :)

So, without further ado, please do feel free to browse around and see what goodies we have on offer. 

If you have any queries, you are welcome to contact us via the Contact Us page on this site, utilise our live online chat (supported during business hours!), 24/7 via email on, (kindly allow up to 1 business day for a response from our team) - or - simply give us a quick ring in-store at any time we are in operation (7 days a week!)... P.S... A summary of our main Contact Details are available in the foot of our website!

We hope to see / hear from you soon ~ until then, as always, Vape On & Vape Strong!

~Dirk Kristen

CEO / Owner