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Many people have been placed under false pretence and/or 'scares' to the supposed 'dangers' surrounded by and/or attached to the use of e-cigarettes or 'vapes'.

Whilst there may be certain elements of truth in some of the wild and wacky accusations and acclamations, (and we say this with the trust that the reader will continue to read on here!), the bare naked truth would be quite eager to pronounce otherwise.

Some simple questions that one might ask themselves, and perhaps 'obvious' brain twirlers such as:

  • What benefits would there be, and to whom, for narrowing the reach and growth of the e-cig industry?
  • Tobacco has been (and for now still is), one of the biggest revenue generators for governments around the globe.
  • If China collected US$ 91 BILLION in TAX ALONE for tobacco sales in 2014, but only US$ 55 BN in 2015 - would their governments and finance ministers be very pleased? I think not. I also doubt that the USA, Europe, or Africa (very much including South Africa) would be either...

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of 'news' breaks that go on to wave about the 'newly found' or 'recent studies' which supposedly squelch the benefits of e-cigarette, and aim to turn the public's opinions around on them - often claiming that they are in fact 'worse than cigarettes'... Or that, 'not enough research exists'. Ha, well... 

For each and every one of those, there are perhaps 10 times more that can show and prove the opposite.

I won't go on and on forever here with my ramblings, but simply wanted to plant some self-provoking thoughts on the topic.

That is, before leading you on to the research and findings that world-class experts in their respective fields, ranging from medicine to psychiatry, doctors, professors and independent specialists have spent their time on, in order to come to their own facts and findings. 

Starting with the more recent findings in the United Kingdom, published on the website by the Departments for the Public Health of England - a relatively clear and concise report which ultimately sums up the topic by stating:

“In a nutshell, best estimates show e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes” 

E-cigarettes: An evidence update - A report commissioned by Public Health England

Still don't believe it? Here, have a go at these:

Vaping in the News and Other Public Reports/Articles

Local Reports / Articles: 

Two billboards have been erected along the N1 in Gauteng, Stating that:








  • “Doctors should prescribe e-cigarettes to smokers”





International Reports / Articles

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Still here? Well done! You're looking to be as curious and supportive to the cause as the best of them...

Over here... you will find a near endless stream of more of the latest news and reports can be found on the The American Vaping Association Homepage (