Revivify Canna - Mood Terps

Revivify Canna

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Revivify - Mood Terps

Mood Terp Variant Descriptions:

  • Concentrate: May be Useful for: Daytime, Stress, Pain, Relaxed
  • Relief: May be Useful for: Aches, Pains, Inflammation.
  • Calm: May be Useful for: Stress, Anxiety, Pain.
  • Meditation: Meditation won’t put you to sleep, it will just help your body
    put itself into a deep state.
  • Amorous: May be Useful for: Stress, Tension, Apathy.
  • Imagination: May be Useful for: Daytime, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Creativity.

What are Terpines?

Terpenes are volatile aromatic molecules that evaporate easily and readily announce themselves to the nose. Various researchers have emphasized the pharmacological importance of terpenes, or terpenoids, which form the basis of aromatherapy, a popular holistic healing modality. Marijuana’s compelling fragrance and particular psychoactive flavor are determined by the predominate terpenes in a strain.

Around 200 terpenes have been found in cannabis, but only a few of these odiferous oily substances appear in amounts substantial enough to be noteworthy, or nose worthy, as it were.

Among them are monoterpenes, diterpenes, and sesquiterpenes, which are characterized by the number of repeating units of a 5-carbon molecule called isoprene, the structural hallmark of all terpenoid compounds. The terpenes in marijuana have given the plant an enduring, evolutionary advantage. Pungent terpenoid oils repel insects and animal grazers; others prevent fungus.

Bottle size:

  • 1.6ml in each Bottle

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