Wholesale and Franchise Information

Franchise and Agent Opportunities

The Vapery are always open minded to widen our horizons with the opening of additional retail stores!

Given the detailed and complex nature of such an opportunity, we feel that these requests should be dealt with in person with a face-to-face meeting.

Initial discussions and briefing is best done directly with one of the co-owners:

Kindly contact Dirk Kristen (084 566 6667) or Kaldayne White (082 959 9940) to discuss any propositions or to setup a meeting. Thank you!



The Vapery are proud to be one of the fastest growing companies supplied by Flux Distribution - the official distributors for some of the best local and international brands available!

Proudly Distributors / Wholesalers of:

International E-Juice Lines:

  • Dinner Lady (UK - 60ml)
  • Summer Holidays by Dinner Lady (UK - 60ml)
  • Five Pawns (USA - 60ml)
  • Cosmic Fog (USA - 30ml and 60ml)
  • Simply Southern (USA - 30ml)
  • Generic Adult Sours (USA - 30ml)
  • Teardrip Juice Co. [Incl. CA Pops] (USA - 60ml)
  • Mistress by Teardrip Juice Co. (USA - 60ml)
  • Whip'd (USA - 60ml)
  • Liquid State Vapors (USA - 30ml and 60ml) 

Local E-Juice Lines:

  • Me Time (60ml)
  • TKO - Taste Knock Out (60ml)
  • Puffy Puffs (30ml)
  • Craft Vapour (30ml / select 100ml)
  • Hazeworks (30ml and 120ml)
  • Mystic Nectar (30ml / 100ml / Custom)
  • Blends of Distinction (30ml)
  • Northern Craft Vapes (30ml, 60ml and 100ml)

Requirements and Minimum Order Quantities:

Flux Distribution require submission of the following basic information before opening any accounts for B2B:

  • Your companies name and registration information
  • Your store location(s)
  • Age of business
  • Expected (approximate) monthly order size

Kindly forward the above information, or any other queries to info@fluxdistro.co.za

Alternatively, you can contact:

Deon Oosthuizen (Managing Director) via cell on 081 794 0940

Minimum Order Quantities:

We require a minimum order of 20 bottles per juice range and a minimum of 50 bottles per order.

KINDLY NOTE: Flux Distro have opened hardware wholesale on certain products such as batteries, starter kits and some mods / tanks. They otherwise unfortunately do not currently offer wholesale for any hardware or accessories to other companies.