Wholesale and Franchise Information

Franchise and Agent Opportunities

The Vapery are always open minded to widen our horizons with the opening of additional retail stores!

Given the detailed and complex nature of such an opportunity, we feel that these requests should be dealt with in person with a face-to-face meeting.

Initial discussions and briefing is best done directly with one of the co-owners:

Kindly contact Dirk Kristen (084 566 6667)  to discuss any propositions or to setup a meeting. Thank you!

Please note! We have been flooded with requests and queries for franchising opportunities - and wish to kindly request your patience/understanding whilst we focus our time and energy into existing stores/franchises. As such, we have effectively put a 'hold' on further franchising until further notice. Exceptions for this may be possible, should the location/commitment be seen to be viable...!



Regrettably, The Vapery no longer offer any products on a wholesale / bulk / B2B basis.