Finally!!! (STAGE 2 & WE ARE OPEN AGAIN!)

At very long last......!!!

We are open ;)

Please take note of our new (and temporary) trading hours, regulations & restrictions, etc.
Thank you and we hope to see you in-store soon!
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Help Save Vaping in SA!

Help Save Vaping in SA!

We need your help!!! The time is now, and now is the time...

A QUICK READ: A little food for thought with regards to the proposed/almost settled (and completely unfair) laws...

Are vaping and smoking the SAME thing? Should they be treated as such?

If you believe the answer to either of these questions is YES, then - you would most likely also believe that a plastic BB gun is the same thing as an MP4 assault rifle, or as a pump-action shut gun.


Stand up for your rights, and read below to help, please!

  • We urge and request with the highest stress and concern for all our loyal and valued customers, friends, colleagues, family friends, friends of family friends, family of customers, and everyone and anyone that you know has been positively effected, directly OR indirectly with having taken on VAPING into their lifestyle over traditional tobacco and burnt-tobacco products - to PLEASE help us ('us' as the entire Republic of South Africa, and the future of vaping within it), to help in doing just these TWO quick, and easy things:
1. Head over to the link at the VPASA, and sign the testimonials page - a direct link to this is available by CLICKING HERE, PLEASE!
      • It takes no more than 20 seconds to complete, but - your 'signature' (verified by *required valid RSA ID number) can make all the difference...
    2. PLEASE keep coming back to THIS page frequently (this exact one you are on now).
          • Important updates and information over the following few weeks and months will be shared/provided right here and it is CRUCIAL that we get as MANY people on-board with our campaign against the newly proposed bill (including certain time critical actions/plans to be announced, hence the plea to please re-visit this page as often as you can!).

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        IN THE MEANWHILE.... we (The Vapery) vow to the adhere to the below Code of Conduct:

        • Not sell to under 18’s
        • Not make any health claims
        • Not make any smoking cessation claims
        • Only provide childproof bottles
        • Provide warning labels on liquids
        • Not stock or supply products that are known to contain diacetyl or 2-3 pentadienone, or any other potentially harmful components.

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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        VapeCon South Africa 2017!!!

        VapeCon South Africa 2017 has come and gone, and what a ride it was...

        (See our video at the bottom of this post below - pics from the day to follow)!!!

        The Vapery went all out this year, putting three stands together and tripling up on resources to bring you what we hope you also feel was something extra-special :)

        Days (and sleepless nights) of preparation, countless hours and even more joules of energy expended, planning, drawing, packing, moving, unpacking, moving, standing, rushing, sweating, stressing... then again, packing, moving, unpacking, moving - grueling stuff!!!

        In any event - our Team had a blast, only just regretting it was seemingly over before we could blink our eyes (or have a seat / explore around).

        Our specials ran crazy, and went down really well to the masses - making it exceptionally hard to move around within the stand among the crowd and sales team...

        And so, we decided - hey, let's continue running a really cool and low-balling super-special, with all of our imported / international brand 30ml e-liquids going for just R150-00 incl. VAT !! (Excl. Five Pawns, at R250-00 incl. VAT !!).

        Head over to our SALE section to grab yourself some bargains on what's still left, before its too late ;)

        P.S... A quick, but HUGE shout-out and thanks to The Blue Room, Gerda and Ronel, you and your team out-did yourselves, yet again - THANK YOU for the most epic stand at the event, we know how much work went into pulling it all off, and truly appreciate it deeply.

        Thank you also to our Team, The Vapery legends ~ you all rock! Thank You!

        Oh yes, and one last thing - we commissioned a team of pro's to catch the day on film - and here it is, ready for you to recap / catch-up, and enjoy ! (Another quick thank you to DRAD Media) !

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        Montana (PTA North) Store Launch!

        Our second retail store opening on the 22nd of October 2016 was a massive success, and loads of fun!

        In this blog, we'll update you with some pics of the shop 'in progress', some of the crazy crazy challenges we faced, and - the end result :) 

        Our latest store is 170sqm, featuring a lounging corner, pool and foosball, and of course a massive selection of only the best local and international e-liquids, and wide variety of high quality vaping gear!

        Pop in and visit sometime !

        Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00
        Sundays: CLOSED (Doringkloof is Open on Sundays from 10:00 - 15:00)
        Contact Numbers:
        MAIN PHONE: 087 980 8779 (OPTION 3)
        Store Manager: Deon | 081 794 0940 (
        Distribution Manager: Stefan | 082 822 9044 (
        Co-owner: Dirk | 084 566 6667
        Co-owner: Kaldayne | 082 959 9940
        Address: Shop 001 Montana Corner
        Corner Sefako Makgatho Drive (Zambesi) and Doctor Swanepoel Road, Pretoria, 0182
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