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UD - Coil Mate V2 Tool Kit

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UD - Coil Mate V2 Tool Kit

Vendor/Brand: UD

Collection/Category: Tool Kits

R 580.00

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UD - Coil Mate V2

The UD Coil Mate V2 is a convenient, compact, and comprehensive kit that presents an array of essential tools and accessories in a durable zippered carrying case equipped with cutting and precision equipment, and an efficient coil jig multi tool.

The UD Coil Mate is presented in a durable zippered case that features a liquid resistant exterior alongside a convenient carrying loop that makes attachment simple and secure.

The case itself features a dual side, fold out design with snug fittings that hold all tools well. Stainless Steel shears and a dual function flush cutter provides the cutting elements necessary to handle both wick and wire, while ceramic tipped and stainless steel bent nosed tweezers work in tandem to ensure effective coil setting and adjustments.

For heavier duty precision, stainless steel bent needle nose pliers are included as well. UD has revised its coil jig system with a magnetized system that combines the tool head and diameter in conjunction. With a comprehensive tool kit and a convenient and durable carrying kit, the UD Coil Mate V2 is a great addition to any collection.


  • Durable Carrying Pouch.
  • Zippered.
  • Fold Out Flaps.
    • Comprehensive Tool Set.
    • Stainless Steel Shears.
    • Bent Needle Nose Pliers.
    • Flush Cutters.
    • UD Ceramic Tweezers.
    • Bent Needle Nose Tweezers.
    • Coil Jig and Multi Tool.
    • 2.0mm Diameter Hex Key.
    • 2.5mm Phillips Head.
    • 3.0mm Phillips Head.
    • 3.5mm Flathead.
      • Builder's Choice Cotton and Wire Set.
      • 10 Feet 26AWG Kanthal A1.
      • Japanese Organic Cotton Pads.
        • 30ml PE Plastic e-liquid bottle.

        Kit Content:

        • 1x UD - Coil Mate V2 .