Five Pawns - Castle Long Reserve ~ Edition V (Limited!)

Five Pawns (USA Premium)

R 600.00

Castle Long Reserve - Edition V ~ Fifth (and best ever!) Edition

Five Pawns rewrote the vapour liquid play-book with its 2013 release of Castle Long Reserve, the first barrel-aged vapour liquid.

Acclaimed far and wide as without equal, Castle Long Reserve became the most-coveted vapour liquid
in the world. Its first release sold out worldwide within a week, and demand sky-rocketed with each subsequent release.

2016 Has Arrived ~ And with it, Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve Edition V Double Barrel is finally here, presenting a toasted coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, Madagascar and French vanillas, kentucky bourbon and two distinct oaks that result in a truly unique blend.

A monumental release for Five Pawns in that Edition V lands on the third anniversary of the legendary Reserve series, the aging process involves 60% of the age time in second-fill 55 gallon American oak barrels and 40% of the age time with reclaimed Oloroso sherry oak barrel chips to create a harmonic combination of rich, unique, slightly sweet, dry, and fruity undertones.

Edition V is here for a very limited time.

Castle Long Reserve is a limited release that is only available for a short period each year.

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