Five Pawns Blue - Tabiya (60ml)

Five Pawns (USA Premium)

R 350.00

Five Pawns Blue - Tabiya (60ml)

Juicy, ripe, and green honeydew melon that has been sprinkled with artisan sea salt and garnished with fresh mint leaves. Fruity, fresh, and slightly salty flavor notes make up this refreshing blend.

Main Flavor notes:

  • Juicy, Ripe, Green Honeydew Melon 
  • Sprinkled with Artisan Sea Salt
  • Garnished Fresh Mint Leaves

VG/PG ratio: 

  • 70VG/30PG

Bottle Size:

  • 60ml ~ Glass bottle with IMPROVED FAST FLOW eye-dropper. (And Child-safe Cap)

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