Five Pawns - Black Flag Fallen (LAST BOTTLES EVER!)

Five Pawns (USA Premium)

R 450.00

Black Flag Fallen

Black Flag Fallen is aged in polished stainless steel barrels so there is zero light.

The liquid is left untouched so that individual flavour components can fully develop and harmonize for an even smoother and more consistent result.

It is the first vapour liquid ever to be blended so that it hits all five tastes known to man: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami.

Vapour enthusiasts worldwide continue to enjoy the fruits of Five Pawns’ innovation with Black Flag Fallen.

Featuring a decadent Italian double-espresso flavour infused with black truffle cream, this bold, yet multi-layered liquid is more reminiscent of an espresso-based dessert than your traditional tiny cup of Italian coffee.

The finest quality espresso beans allow for a multitude of subtle flavour notes.

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