Dinner Lady - Disposable Pod System

Dinner Lady (UK Premium)

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Dinner Lady - Disposable Pod System

The Dinner Lady Disposable Pod system offers a 1.5ml pre - filled pods. (Equivalent to 20 cigarettes). The Disposable pod system uses organic cotton coil to deliver superior flavour. The pre - filled pod is transparent making it easy to see how much e-liquid you have left. 

The aluminium chassis has a very comfortable ergonomic design fitting perfectly in the hand. The device comes in at 102mm in height. The Aluminium chassis is attractive, durable and light weight. 

The Dinner Lady Disposable Pod System offers a 300mAh battery (Equivalent to 300 Puffs). The blue LED Power light indicates the devices power, this LED will flash when the pod is empty. The entire device can then be disposed of properly.

Getting started with you Disposable Pod System:

  1. Remove rubber seal from mouthpiece. 
  2. Peel away the small sticker from the base of the device. 
  3. Inhale on your Pod System through the Mouthpiece.

Flavours and Nicotine levels available:

  • All Pods available in 30mg  Nicotine Strength.
  • Blue Menthol - Menthol with a difference. A classic menthol infused with a hint of sweetness. All the satisfaction, all the flavour. 
  • Lemon Tart - Voted the UK's best flavour 3 years in a row. Sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust. 
  • Smooth Tobacco - Designed to replicate the finest tobacco. Bold, smooth and sophisticated, this familiar flavour is the perfect way to switch to vaping.


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