CeraVape - Cerabis Tank

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Collection/Category: Sub-Ohm Tanks
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    CERAVAPE CERABIS Ceramic Coil Adjustable Airflow Sub Ohm Tank

    CERAVAPE CERABIS Ceramic Coil Adjustable Airflow Sub Ohm Tank is extremely well built and in our opinion could well be one of the best tanks produced this year. With features like Vape ON/Vape OFF control perfect for those people that like to throw in the vaporiser in the backpack or handbag.

    The most important aspect though, is that the Cerabis Sub Ohm Tanks use a coil, which has a vertical ceramic build as the wicking material is made of food grade high strength NM ceramic material.

    The coils are sintered at 2300 deg Fahrenheit or 1260 deg Celsius, this makes it much healthier than other tanks made with glass fiber or cotton wick on the market today, as ceramic wick produces no glass fiber or particles when using it, bringing you not only a better tasting, purer vaping experience, but also a much healthier vaping experience, making it most suitable for direct to lung style vaping.

    The melting point of ceramic wicks is also much higher than both that of glass fiber and cotton wicks, making it easier to avoid producing a burning taste.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Cerabis tank has Juice Flow Control !! Turn the top of your tank (above glass window) clockwise, in the glass window you will see two slots for letting juice into your tank one on each side. By turning the tank top clockwise you can almost completely cover the juice flow slots. Its recommended to cover the slots completely for a higher PG Juice and open up depending on how much flow and how high your juice is in VG/viscosity. When filling the tank always have the tank in the Vape OFF (closed) position. Tank tested with Max VG eliquid and works perfectly.

    Product Features:

    Vape ON: The tank is fully extended by pulling the upper portion - Just vape away.
    Vape OFF: The tank is fully compressed to close the juice and air flow ports
    Top Filing: Huge top filling slots, will fit any size nib on any eliquid bottle - Almost big enough to just pour your juice in.
    Dry Burning: Unique Self Cleaning Feature - No cotton to replace, because No cotton at all. Just set your battery to 30watts dry burn the coil for a few seconds and do it again 3-5 times. Great for when you want to change juice flavours - No residual flavour left dry burn away.
    Coil: Patented Ceramic Vertical Coil providing clean pure flavour rated for up to 80watts using 0.4-0.5 ohm coil for intense robust satisfying flavour
    Anti Spit: Eliminates spitting in mouth that can happen at high wattages.
    Anti Dry Hit: No More dry hits, New design coil has eliminated dry hits at high wattages.
    Anti Burn: No burning taste can result due to not having cotton wicks
    Suitable for High VG: Perfect for those high VG juices
    Stainless Steel Protection: All stainless steel shell for protection - Less chance of damage if dropped.
    Rubber Cuffs: Used as grip to make it easier to remove top for filling - Can be left on tank while using.
    Specification Details:
    Build: Stainless steel construction
    Tank: Durable pyrex glass tank 4ml capacity encased with Stainless Protection Shell
    Coil: Installed 0.8-0.9 ohm (30-60W) Vertical Ceramic Coil
    Diameter: 23mm
    Length: 63mm
    Compatibility: 510 Compatible
    Cerabis Kit Includes:
    1 x Cerabis 4ml Clearomizer with 0.8-0.9 ohm (30-60W) coil
    1 x Spare 0.4-0.5 ohm (30-80W) Ceramic Coil
    (Additional replacement coils are available here)
    1 x Spare Pack of O-Rings
    2 x Rubber Cuffs
    1 x Acrylic Box with instructions
    Important Information, Please read the following:
    This is a Sub Ohm clearomizer, please make sure you are using the right equipment to fire this clearomizer. Variable wattage of at least 30 watts.



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