Blends of Distinction - Sample Pack (60ml)

Blends of Distinction

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Sample the full range from Blends of Distinction with 10ml of each flavour for just R240!

(60ml Total Juice)


Blueberry Pavlova is a perfect mix of sticky meringue base filled with frothed cream and earthy blueberries drizzled with a buttery caramel sauce.


Chocolate Fudge Brownie is deliciously smooth and has a double blanket of rich chocolate sauce (because one just is not enough), and topped off with a touch of buttery caramel toffee.


Citrus Mint Sorbet will whisk you away to an island paradise with this sweet-meets-sour citrus medley rounded off with a very light wisp of cool candied-mint. Surprisingly smooth, let the frosty flavours refresh and invigorate you.


Decadent Dark Chocolate vape is hauntingly familiar; with aromas reminiscent of luxurious Albany Dark chocolate slabs. This one is for true chocoholics: a stronger cocoa flavour wrapped in a full cream base, and drenched in melted caramel.


Hazelnut Latte will let you shoot the breeze with your barista as you are enveloped by the aromas of freshly ground coffee beans, a hint of roasted hazelnuts, and a dollop of sweet smooth cream to finish it off.

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