Craft Vapour - Artisan RY4

Craft Vapour

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They say... Our delicious take on this vapeshop staple is a secret blend of toasted tobacco and caramel with a marshmallow texture. The Artisan RY4 is heat treated to blend the flavours and is then aged for one week before bottling to smooth out the high notes and distinguish this vapes texture profile (mouth feel) while allowing the background notes to develop. A fantastic vape that will becomes extraordinary with additional ageing. My personal all day vape.
Served in a 30ml glass dropper bottle. Contains no alcohol. 
Please note:
PG50/VG50 e-liquid for balanced flavour and clouds of vapour in 6mg and 12mg nicotine variants, in 3mg nicotine we offer PG20/VG80. Our e-liquids are aged before bottling to ensure deep and balanced flavour but will get even better with time. Store out of reach of children and direct sunlight.

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