Teardrip Juice Co. (USA Premium)

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Teardrip Juice Co. was created in Orange County California by a team of eliquid mixing veterans boasting more ejuice making experience than almost any other team in the industry.  Danny and Tony of Teardrip have been making eliquid for over 4 years each (including the creation of another highly successful brand), and have been vaping for over 6, with Rob a 4 year veteran of the vape community.

High VG eliquids have a tendency to have muted flavor, something Teardrip decided to rectify when developing their flavors.  The Teardrip Juice Co. line of ejuices was created to bring high quality, complex, high VG liquids that offer the same robust, in-your-face flavor as their higher PG counterparts, with branding that pays homage to the West Coast hipster scene its founders hold dear.