Five Pawns Nic Salts (USA Premium)

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Five Pawns Nic Salts (USA Premium)

The term 'gourmet e-liquid' is thrown around considerably, often without much merit.

Step forward the Californian made Five Pawns with their Signature Vapor Liquid.

Perhaps the most extensively tested and most meticulously made of all e-liquids; everything is made by hand and in very small batches.

The Five Pawns range grants you the finest and most pure flavors on the e-cigarette market.

They're almost impossibly good. If you fancy yourself as quite the e-liquid connoisseur, look no further for a range of flavours that will excite all five senses.

Please note: All of the Five Pawns liquids supplied by The Vapery to our customers and retailers, are from a new batch of (in certain cases) slightly tuned and tweaked recipes, as a result of the various recent testing performed on a lot of the popular e-liquids from around the world.

We suggest you do your own research on the matter, should you have any concerns! :)

We, personally, support and enjoy the products, alongside 100's of thousands of vapers around the globe. (And, in our opinions, do not feel there is any risk in the use of these products, particularly if used in moderation, as with all things in life, really.... ;)