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Creamy Clouds

Welcome to Creamy Clouds, an ejuice company with a LOT of experience. We’ve teamed up with a new flavour company in South Africa that is now dedicating their labs talents to flavour creation for the vaping industry.

Flavour is our passion! We believe that the taste experience is non-negotiable. Keep posted as we develope and expand our range and we’ll have many new flavours launching soon.

Forecast: Large Creamy Clouds with a definite chance of flavour! Vape on!

About Our Juices

Of course, only the best ingredients go into our liquids. We source the finest and it tells in the taste. All our bottles are prewashed, sterilised and clean stored waiting to be filled.

We’re working with one of the largest flavor houses in the world to develop the biggest and best taste experience possible.

Our new joose factory will launch early next year and will be the first of its kind in South Africa, providing YOU with the safest, cleanest, “nomnest” experience possible.